Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners

Corporate partners reap a number of benefits from their association with The PhD Project, including access to diverse academic and business professionals, including over 1,600 faculty and doctoral students teaching undergraduate and graduate students at 548 universities in North America. They also have access to over 7,000 professionals who have attended one of our annual conferences; 1,300 PhDs who are experts in their respective fields; and over 7,000 professionals who have attended one of our annual conferences. In addition, corporate partners receive invitations to network at The PhD Project Annual Conference; are included in The PhD Project communications, including our website and social channels; and may have speaking opportunities at The PhD Project DSA/FAA conferences.

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Access to Diverse Professional Talent Pool

Your organization will have the opportunity to have its open positions distributed via email to more than 7,000 highly qualified minority individuals who attended one of our annual invitational conferences, but have not yet entered a doctoral program.

Enhanced Campus Exposure

Your organization will have direct exposure to virtually every underrepresented faculty member and doctoral student in all of the business disciplines. This opportunity to interact with these influential members of the academic community will allow your company to help shape the career choices of thousands of tomorrow’s students.

Visibility as a Diversity Supporter

Your organization will have prominent exposure on The PhD Project booth display at over 20 diversity-focused conferences each year, as well as on our website and all advertising, promotional and publicity materials. You’ll also have high visibility at, and the opportunity to attend, the annual PhD Project conference and the five annual PhD Project Doctoral Student / Faculty Alumni Association conferences, all which will provide you with access to underrepresented business professors, doctoral students, and potential doctoral students.

Contact Marie Zara, Director of Advancement at to discuss opportunities to partner with The PhD Project.